Tomba's children


Why it should be Tomba

The teddybear

Foto:kurt Larsen

In the early winter 1992 I desided to buy a dog. I have had Aeredale terriers and Foxterriers before, and after 1 year without dogs I had to have one again.

This time it should be a cairnterrier, a practical size using the public trafic, and not all that trimming, I believed

(now I have bought a car to be able to join the shows, and my cairns are to be trimmed every two weeks in the season)

I contacted Sonja Scheel, who I knew through my aunt, asking for a malepuppy.

At that time she only had a bitchpuppy left, but she told me, that her daughter, Tine, expected puppies in februari. When the puppies was born (3 male and 2 female) Sonja called me, and suggested me to call Tine. I did so, and during a very long talk I bought a puppy.

Tine had told me that she wanted to sell at least one puppy to showinterested people, so I couldn't choose yet.

At that time (the puppies was two days old) I began to think about a name for my puppy. It should be something with T, while all the dogs (2 mal 2), we have had in my, now grown up, daughters lifetime had names starting with T, and thinking of all my heros I desided that he should be called Tomba.

Still I can remember that day we were going to Roskilde to see the puppies. All the way I wondered how I should explain that name to Tine.

We, myself my two daughters and my little granddaughter, came and saw the litter, lovely big puppies, and especially one, a big, fat and lazy one, (sertainly not the puppy you should choose, if you follow the experts advices) came into my mind.

"Oh! what a Teddybear" I burst out, and Tine, quite serios, answered "Yes, he is called Alberto Tomba".

Just so. And there stood I, dump for some minuttes, and so I whispered "My dog shall be called Tomba".

Although I couldn't choose then, neither Tine nor I could see another possibility, and we were both happy, when the showpeoples chose one of the brothers.

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