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My other Cairn

I had desided, allready when I bought Tomba, to get another cairn later on.
And because of Tomba there was no doubt that my next cairn should be bred by Tine as well, and that it should be another son after Trudy (Birselaw APRIL LOVE).
So when Tine mated Trudy with her own studdog dkch finch klbch Robinson Crusoe CARLOS RAPIDOS I ordered another dogpuppy. So that was the beginning of Tintin!

Tintin has done very well in shows too, but he has a little problem. He is very often so bored in the showring, that he doesn't succeed to get the results which he deserves.
So many judges has apologized for not placing him first.

Anyway, he received a Finnish CC (under judge Marion Payne), and he has been BEST IN SHOW (Junior) in a Danish Terrier Club show,
At a local Open Terrier show Tintin won BEST OF BREED/ BEST IN SHOW, and at the DENMARK-SWEDEN (open) CAIRNMATCH 1996 he won BEST YONGSTER/ 4th BEST IN SHOW.

Tintins greatest success so far was the year after, in 1997, also at the DENMARK - SWEDEN CAIRNMATCH, when he won


ěresunds Cup Winner 1997

judge Miss Mary Towers

                   Fotos: Kurt Larsen........

The Cairnterriermatch Sweden - Denmark takes place over two days in a weekend.
One day in Sweden and one day in Denmark.

The 4 best placed dogs and bitches in eatch class gets points, and the country with most points is winning the match.

At last will the judge place the
among the two
BEST IN SHOW winners (the one from Denmark and the one from Sweden).
The winner of the two gets the tittle: ěRESUND CUP WINNER

(ěresund is the small sound between Zealand and the south part of Sweden)

And TINTIN was the first Danish bred cairn in 11 years who has won the tittle!!!

In 1998 Tintin delivered the title to another Danish owned, but Swedish bred cairn
the young bitch
owned by Anette Lysgaard, Kennel Ru'Cairn


More photoes and selected judgecritiques

Tintin are trimmed by Ane Buch