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Tomba's children

Why it should be Tomba
A little fatal story


My studdogs

In these websites I will introduce my two gorgeous Cairn Terrier studdogs, Tomba and Tintin.

For overall informations about Cairns in Denmark, see

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I have bought both of my first dogs by Tine Mathari, who then bred under her late mother Sonja Scheel's prefix, "Robinson Crusoe".

In 1997 Tine has got her own prefix , "Mc Alister".

My Dogs
dkch finch klbch Robinson Crusoe Alberto Tomba (died 2003)
Robinson Crusoe Incredible Tintin (died 2004)

I bought then a new mailpuppy from Tine

McAlister's Victor Hugo
who is availabel as studdog

Please contact

Kennel Mc Alister

or myself

Ada Koch
Sprogoevej 12 2 th
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

Phone (45) 38 86 24 01...........Email: adakoch@mail.dk